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A Free Website Builder

You no longer need to know extensive computer programming knowledge and coding for building a free website. You can now create your own business website using a free website builder and give it a professional look with some computer knowledge. It won’t cost you a premium. The prices are affordable even for those who come in the low-budget bracket.

In these modern times, everything is available at your finger-tips. Designing your professional website has never been easy as it is now. With a minimal cost, you can make your products and services accessible to your potential clients.

Furthermore, the tools you need for the purpose are readily available online. The exciting part is, most of them are free. You can subscribe to some of the essential tools for a reasonable price. Sometimes they would also be available for discounts.

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If you can, you may need to invest your time in learning and building a free website builder.

The question arises, will my website be fruitful. The answer is simple. It depends on you. If you update the website regularly and with a content delivery network, it will give you great results. Not overnight, but be assured that your website will provide your business significant benefits in the long run. The digital future isn’t too far. Therefore, we may be stepping into it right now.

Let’s look at the things we need to be aware of for using a free website builder.

To Start Using a Free Website Builder, Register your brand domain name

There is no business without a brand name. Every business needs a name that will give it recognition. Large scale businesses have already planned this out. However, if you’re starting your own small or medium scale business, select the right brand name and register your domain are the first step.

Make sure your domain is a direct representation of your brand. It may still be available if it is very unique. Be creative and check if not already registered for trademark.

Hosting will also be required. In fact, you can register together with the domain while starting using a free website builder. While a domain is a name, hosting is like a store for your domain for a small hosting fee.

Hosting will also be required. In fact, you can register together with the domain while starting building a free website design. While a domain is a name, hosting is like a store for your domain for a small hosting fee.

Many companies out there give you a free domain with a year of hosting, for example, Dreamhost or Bluehost.

Use a Professional Level Free Website Builder

There is no reason to spend more than you have to. By doing it yourself, all you need is to invest your time in online learning to get proficient in using a free website builder for your business.

Not too long ago, most business owners did not know how to do online business. However, many are learning online, including building a free website design.

Understanding how SEO works will help bring organic traffic to your website. Once your website is optimized, let it do the work for you. Again, it’s much better than not having it at all.

Website Helps Businesses

Online presence is necessary as we move so rapidly towards the next digital era. It is even more critical now than at any time before. People follow the new-norm of doing social distancing, and one of the significant parts of it is conducting businesses online.

Taking advantage of this, many businesses have launched their online outlets in the form of social marketing and digital marketing.

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The first ones to enter the online business have an edge undoubtedly. Nevertheless, it is not too late. There is a lot of room for multiple companies. You can launch your existing brand as well as create a new one with new products.

Benefits of a do-it-yourself free website builder

Many business owners do not want to go beyond investing in the basic cost of domain and hosting. They want to save some and invest their free time to learn how to do it themselves.

They have extra benefits of learning this skill as they can use it for themselves. Small businesses would want to invest only when there is no other option, save every penny they can, and get a little extra by using the skills they acquired for their own business.

Using a free website builder all by yourself have a lot of added advantages.

Have full control of your website. You can manage it, update it daily, or twice or thrice a week or as you wish. In addition, you have the liberty to select the theme, the plugins, the tools you need. Just make sure that you keep your website well updated for Google.

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Maintenance of your website is never as easy.

  • Mostly the platform where you host your website updates for you. They even give you notifications that all your plugins and themes are updated automatically from time to time. However, you can look into new plugins and themes for added benefits.
  • While working on a free website design, you would want to be flexible. If you have an e-commerce website, you might want to add more pages later and add a new variety. Having this sort of flexibility on your website will open doors to welcome more income and invest in products using your same brand name.

Getting your website going is not as tough as getting it to rank on Google. However, it will take time and effort to get organic traffic on your website and relevant pages. For that purpose, learn to use an SEO tool is a major skill that one needs to know to get higher traffics to your homepage. If your website has low competition, it can rank easily with the use of even broader keywords.

The bottom line is that you are doing this for digital marketing. It will help you considerably in using a free website builder. This can give your website a personal touch, and even though you didn’t hire a pro designer, you can still do your own digital marketing with inexpensive tools such as SEMrem and Constant Contact.

Lets Start Now!


While following a free website builder, you will require written content of some sort too. Whatever the case may be. In a business website or a blog website, you will need product descriptions and customer reviews. Engaging content that can get the viewers to stick to the page is very important. Also, remember that everyone cannot write. You will need people who understand what web page content writing requires. And, you can hire a ghostwriter from Fiverr or spend time writing yourself.

Typically, a landing page will consist of about 400 words using just one keyword. Therefore, if you have 20 keywords, then you will need 20 landing pages. I strongly recommend updating your content once in a while in order to make them work better for you.

Do your keyword research.

There are many ways and tools available online that don’t cost much. Some give you free but limited keyword research, but if you are going for organic traffic, I strongly suggest investing in one of these tools. This is one of the tools that you will not want to consider saving. While using a free website builder, you may include these tools:

  • Google – search engine and keyword planner
  • SEMrush – is an amazing tool that gives you many different things apart from keyword difficulty, monthly volume, and alternative keywords. Keyword research is a must-do as you are building a free website design.
  • You can use Google Insights to see the keywords that will give optimizing results in the future.

Use these keywords to create content for your home pages and landing pages. Furthermore, you can identify the demographics to target your audience. Write great content to support your keyword research topics.

Not only do written content is needed for your website for product description or reviews, but also SEO keywords. All such written content will need to be SEO optimized to generate organic traffic and get higher traffic to your website.

  • Firstly, you will need functional home pages for a free website builder. These are the main pages of your website. Those pages mainly consist of the company’s profile, about us, how to contact us, products, or services.
  • Secondly, landing pages. These pages contained keyword strategies from an SEO tool such as SEMrem.

You can try SEMrem for 7 days free by clicking here.

Lets Start Now!


While utilizing a free website builder, make sure to know your competitors’ traffic. You need to know where they stand and what keywords they are using for getting organic ranking and high search engine optimization. The reason why they are ranking on Google better than anyone else. Use the same keywords and more to get a higher ranking of your webpages.

Tools need to build a website:

Even though website building has never been easier, you still require skills to use several tools for making it look classic, unique, and professional. Hiring someone may save you time now, but in the long run, building a free website design for yourself will save you a lot of trouble, especially if it is your business.

Moreover, you must also know that you can get a website designer at a low cost, especially from the younger generation. However, there are many factors involved as you might not get exactly what you are asking for. Therefore, invest some time in learning the skill as only you know your business best.

When you plan on building a free website design, the platform is crucial. In the long run, I strongly start with WordPress, which is the leader in the SEO friendly website. There is so much variety of stuff that you can do with WordPress websites.


When you start building a free website design, you will save tons by utilizing already built templates by professional website developers. All you have to do is select your favorite design from themes. Some themes are free, but many people may already be using them, making your website not unique.

I strongly recommend investing to select a unique theme. In fact, these themes could have cost you thousands to create, but you are only paying a fraction of the cost. The best part is they are already mobile-friendly themes. However, make sure the theme you select should support SEO optimization and have page builder support. Moreover, they should be multipurpose in case you decide to change.

There are many available, but I suggest to start my favorite theme, Astra.


Astra Home page theme is an amazing one that is most widely used. Many use it to build a free website builder as it is perfect for small start-up businesses, blogs, affiliate content, and woo-commerce stores.

Exceptional designs cover all aspects of the website, giving it SEO optimization, speed, and great color schemes, designs, and topography.

It allows the user to use the best coding standards for the WordPress data. It also includes excellent layout options and gives you the liberty to set up your header and footer options. Click here to check out Astra themes.

Many free plugins are available for WordPress. The free versions also have a pro or subscription-based version, which you may want to invest in.


At a minimum, I strongly recommend upgrading the below plugins to a pro version. They will significantly help to increase the ranking and traffics to your website. Thus you will do most likely increase new customers.

WP Rocket Pro with Cloudflare CDN

WP Rocket is a superb plugin. It is used to increase traffic to your website as well as speed up the website loading process.

If your website is intended for a broad audience, Cloudflare CDN is the key to improving your website’s loading time. Therefore, most likely, your website will rank better. For the visitors that are away from where your server is located. That is when RocketCDN or Cloudflare comes into play.

RocketCDN is WP Rocket’s custom Content Delivery Network. It is an optional paid service integrated into WP Rocket.

While building a free website design, with RocketCDN, you do not need to apply configuration settings as the CDN settings are right into the WP Rocket dashboard. Furthermore, the configuration is automatically set to provide you with the best speed results.

Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin. It helps to optimize the website’s written content. For anyone who is building a free website builder using WordPress, it must have a plugin that significantly improves the page ranking. Once the website has activated this plugin, the SEO optimization will help detect issues that you can fix to improve and optimize SEO.

You will need relevant content for your pages. But for that content to rank on Google, you will need Yoast SEO plugin.

Constant Contact

Keep in mind that when you are building a free website design, email marketing is one of the most important tools for your business. For this purpose, Constant Contact is an excellent choice. It is one of the most popular email marketing service software out there.

Constant Contact is easy to use. Besides, it comes with a 60-day free trial that you can use before you need to start paying for it.

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You can choose a template to draft electronic newsletters, just like following a free website builder for your business. The process is as easy and simple as drag and drop. Choose any given template, change the logo, change the topography, the font, the pictures, and anything you want.

Structure your work (H1 to H6) – Free Website Builder

While using a free website builder such as WordPress, you need to work on relevant content for your home pages. Then, you will need to optimize them. This will also mean that you should maintain a proper keyword density in your article. Structuring is one way to optimize your content.

Make sure that as you are using a free website builder, you must format your content correctly. Use Heading 1 (H1) for your title, once only. Then H2 to Heading 6, in the order of importance. However, you don’t need to use unnecessary headings in order to maintain readability.

It is always great to give your words some human touch and add some deep emotions to make your readers realize that you feel them. This will provide them with a motive to click on your link.


Building a free website sounds exciting. Although not easy, I promise that it will reward you richly. It will give you a sense of accomplishment once it turns out to be how you pictured it or even better.

  • You get the liberty to upgrade it when you get the time.
  • Lower competitive keywords are easier to rank higher in Google.
  • Periodic upgrading and maintaining your website are essential.

The best part of using a free website builder is in itself satisfying and rewarding. You get to learn a whole new skill by investing your time. At the same time, you take your business to a new professional level.