Plant-Based Dishes Around the World

California Piza Kitchen Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas
Yard House Vegan Burger Las Vegas
Volendam the Netherlands
The Wolseley Mayfair London England
Waffles in Bruges Belgium
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Russelsheim am Main Germany
Rio Dei Greci Venezia Italia
Le Bon Marche Paris France
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Travel & Plant-Based Dishes

Merely five years ago, eating vegan was challenging, especially on the road. But now, many restaurants offer plant-based dishes. You can use the HappyCow app to locate vegan and vegetarian dishes wherever you go. At some restaurants, you can even substitute plant-based proteins such as tofu for meat-based entrees.

That makes this a great time to check out plant-based dishes. Why? For one thing, it will help save the planet—even if you choose to forego animal products just some of the time. You can always go back to non-plant options once in a while. Try being considerate of our planet and adopt a plant-based diet a few times a week. Being a part-time vegetarian is better than not being vegetarian at all!

Zinc Cafe Laguna Beach CA
Yard House Vegan Vegeburger Las Vegas
Kyoto Japan
Veggy Street Las Vegas
Osaka Japan
Mercato Centrale Firenze Italia

Challenges and Rewards

I have been practicing vegetarianism for many decades. I don’t usually broadcast this information; in fact, I typically disclose it only to my closest allies. I don’t want to create a “negative” environment or inconvenience anyone. But I find that being a vegetarian brings many rewards: a healthier life for me, better lives for animals, and protection for planet Earth, to name a few. Keep in mind, though, that even if you’re just a part-time plant-based dishes, you have to do it right. Abstaining from meat alone is not sufficient. You need to be sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet, and especially that you’re getting sufficient protein.

Going full-bore vegan or vegetarian is not a decision to be made lightly, not to mention it’s not for everyone.

If your current diet mainly consists of meat, then adopting a completely plant-based lifestyle all at once may be too extreme. Educate yourself and familiarize yourself with the options before you decide to join the selective world of vegetarianism or the even more selective world of veganism (which means eschewing not just meat but also all other animal products, like eggs, milk, and cheese). Regardless, you will face many obstacles and challenges along the way. Your friends and families might not understand your choice, for instance, or maybe at a loss when it comes to preparing dinner for you. Expect some isolation, alienation, “abandonment,” or “stranger” treatment.

If you decide to give the plant-based life a try, I strongly recommend testing it out first.

Start by eating plant-based dishes once or twice a week, then increase gradually over time. It may take a few months or a few years, or you may not even go completely vegetarian. That’s okay. It’s better to be happy about your life than to be stressed out about your diet choices.

You may even end up a content vegetarian like me. Feeling satisfied with myself is the richest reward. If you want to share your experiences or need a little advice, you are welcome to contact me. Good luck!