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Why do I Prefer Name Brand Products?

High Quality Products

I have been a quality expert for more than 30 years, with a specific focus on products that human lives depend on. In other words, I inspect, audit, and consult on human life–sustaining medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs. For those industries, quality is not a luxury but a must. This article describes why I prefer name brand products over generic for one reason: quality.

When I was younger, I could not afford name-brand products. These days, I’d rather buy one name brand than a few no-name products.

I understand why name brands are expensive: the products’ reputations are on the line. Companies are selling not just consumer goods but their own names and standing.

In fact, I believe that quality is not about products. It’s about honesty, integrity, technology, and the skill of the people who make the products. This is the key difference between reputable name brand products and no-name, generic-brand products.

You can buy various generics at a fraction of the price of the name brands. They may be as good or look as good as the name brands. However, one critical ingredient is missing: accountability. That’s why I’d rather pay double for a name-brand item, which may last four to five times longer than its generic counterpart.

The differences between luxury and quality

Some name brand products are purely luxurious or feature excessive use of costly materials such as gold, diamonds, or exotic animal products. I stand opposed to the latter. Animal feathers and skins have nothing to do with high quality but are a symbol of cruelty or indifference to our fellow creatures. The sole purpose of owning such items is to show off one’s riches and wealth. For me, pricey commodities such as gold and diamonds are suitable as long-term investments. Owning animal products such as furs, ivory, sturgeon caviar, or crocodile skin does nothing more than show support for animal cruelty. Their use should be entirely prohibited and poachers, sellers, and purchasers of such items should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Please don’t eat or buy caviar at all cost

I don’t understand why some individuals enjoy caviar. I don’t understand it because, simply, I have not eaten caviar before. In fact, it’s beyond my comprehension that some people enjoy food at the cost of animal cruelty. There are many other good and nutritious foods out there. Be a human being and avoid caviar altogether. Perhaps you’ve eaten caviar because you didn’t know any better. Well, now you do—and you can do something about it. Support the movement and contribute to stopping animal cruelty.

An example of why I prefer name brand products

About 20 years ago, I spent $200 on a travel computer bag. A few years later, I bought a name-brand computer bag and paid five times more. After five years of everyday use, my no-name bag was torn and finally retired. However, 15 years later, the “H” name brand carrying case is still in mint condition—not to mention it’s doubled in value.

Name Brand Products History

Typically, name-brand companies have a long history of successful experiences and stories to back their products. Most of these companies have endured decades, if not centuries, of hardships, including financial troubles, periods of war and conflict, political uprisings, natural disasters, and surviving the fierce competition. If they still exist today, their products must be the best in the industry. Again, quality is not just about the products themselves, but about the manufacturing companies behind the products.

The bottom line is that, for me, opting for name brand products is my personal choice. You may have reasons for your choices. In fact, we are all unique and different. In this article, I’ve focused on quality and the fact that, to me, the quality is not the product but the people or the company behind the product. Quality may or may not visible to most of us. Good quality is based on good manufacturing practice.